Best Blinds for Bedrooms

It can be difficult to determine which style of blinds is most suitable for your bedroom, so Sunstopper Blinds are here to help. In this article, we’ll be explaining how you can choose the best blinds to beautifully dress your bedroom window.


How to choose the best bedroom blinds

When it comes to buying blinds for your bedroom, there are a few things you should consider before finalising your decision, including:

  • Privacy – is the view or your privacy more important?
  • Sunlight – would you like full control throughout the day?
  • Maintenance – will you be able to ensure their upkeep, or would you prefer a set that requires little maintenance??
  • Insulation – mitigate draughts which come from your windows with some thick, robust blinds.
  • Style – are you looking to complement your colour scheme or is functionality more important?
  • Practicality – are you looking for a set of blinds which are easy to operate, or would you prefer a set of cordless electric blinds?


Benefits of bedroom blinds

There are many benefits to having blinds installed in your bedroom, as they’ll provide and offer:

  • Practicality – simple to fit and operate
  • Simplicity – no need for cords or poles
  • Affordability – window dressing solutions that won’t break the bank
  • Functionality – suited for different environments, such as humidity
  • Durability – enjoy your blinds for years to come
  • Style – modernise your home with blind installation


Blinds that are most suitable for your bedroom

It can be difficult to find a set of blinds which are perfect for your bedroom. Being limited to colours and styles can often make the task even more difficult. But here at Sunstopper Blinds, we’re able to provide an array of different blinds, coming in a variety of different colours, patterns, prints and materials to choose from. You’ll never be stuck for choice when it comes to dressing your bedroom windows.


The blinds we supply which would perfectly suit your bedroom include:

Roman blinds – providing a luxurious and coordinated finish, Roman blinds are able to effortlessly enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom. With a choice of various different linings, Roman blinds are made from thick, durable fabric with a sumptuous feel. They’re also ideal for additional insulation – keeping the warmth in and the cold out, making for a cosy bedroom all year round.

Roman Blinds - Sunstopper Blinds

Roller blinds – roller blinds are a smart and simple alternative to curtains, helping to transform the look and feel of your bedroom. With a variety of colours, patterns, textures and fabrics to choose from, we’ll be able to provide you with the perfect set of roller blinds. They’re even available as a blackout option to keep the sun out and maximise privacy when you require it most.

Roller Blinds - Sunstopper Blinds

Venetian blinds – these are great for creating a statement window, regardless of its shape or size. With a variety of colours and materials to choose from, Venetian blinds are an ideal choice for adding an element of sophistication to your bedroom. Venetian blinds can also provide optimum light and privacy control when you need it most. The slats enable the user to angle sunlight in different directions, whilst still having the capability to shut the light out completely. With simple, flexible operation, Venetian blinds can also provide several levels of privacy; from raising your blinds completely to opening and closing your slats as you see fit, these blinds are highly functional as well as stylish.

Venetian Blinds - Sunstopper Blinds

Vertical blinds – being especially good for large windows, vertical blinds are perfect for any sized window. Coming in a range of colours and fabrics, vertical blinds will perfectly complement the colour scheme and general theme of your bedroom. Sheer fabric will enable the user to have complete privacy, as well as gently filter some natural light into your room, especially on a particularly sunny day.

Vertical Louvre Blinds - Sunstopper Blinds

Wooden blinds – these are ideal for large bay windows, helping to effortlessly create a warm, cosy vibe in no time. With impressive light and privacy control, wooden blinds are perfect for adding a natural feel to your bedroom. Along with all of the blinds we sell, our wooden blinds come with child-safe options available. 

Wooden Blinds - Sunstopper Blinds

Blackout blinds – for an undisturbed night’s sleep, blackout blinds are perfect for blocking out unwanted sunlight as and when you require. They’re especially useful in the summer months when the daylight hours are longer. They offer exceptional light and privacy control and are available in a range of different colours, patterns, styles and materials.

Blackout Blinds - Sunstopper Blinds

Electric blinds – these can be strategically fitted to windows that are difficult to access, such as skylights. They’re also convenient for those who have mobility issues, with easy, silent operation. Their durability means they can be raised and lowered as many times as you’d like, with battery life lasting approximately five years. Electric blinds can also enable you to save money on your energy bills, helping to retain warmth when you need it most. Again, these electric blinds we stock are cordless and child-safe for your ultimate peace of mind.

Electric Blinds - Sunstopper Blinds

Here at Sunstopper Blinds, we’re proud to supply our clients with beautifully stylish window blinds to complete the look of, not just your bedroom, but any room throughout your home. We’re even able to provide commercial blinds, canopies and patio awnings. You’ll always be able to count on our friendly, knowledgeable team for help and advice. For more information, get in touch with us today – we operate throughout Welwyn Garden City, Ware, Hertford and the surrounding areas.