Best Window Blinds for Cat Owners

Owning a cat can be an absolute pleasure. They can fend for themselves, come and go as they please, use a neat and tidy litter tray and only really hassle you for food. After that, they go off on their merry way once again. That being said, cats can prove to be quite mischievous, especially when it comes to using your curtains, shutters and blinds as a rock climbing face, damaging your window dressing in the process.

Therefore, we’ve devised a guide for choosing the best window blinds that will help to deter your aloof furry friend from clawing their way up it.

Best Window Blinds for Cat Owners

Cat-friendly blinds

There are many cat-friendly blinds on the market, here are just a few:


Roller blinds

With no slats or gaps for your cat to climb through or sit in, roller blinds are an ideal choice if you have the pleasure of owning a cat. They’ll find it difficult to get a grasp on the fabric, especially if you choose a more resilient material. Ask a window blind specialist for their advice on this if you’re at all in doubt. 

Roller blinds are also easy to clean, should your cat prefer to sit next to it as opposed to claw its way up it. Go for the child-safe option when it comes to roller blinds; they’ll come with shorter cords, ensuring your cat won’t snag and break it, or come to any harm themselves.


Metal Venetian blinds

These blinds, although they’re made up of slats, are more cat-friendly than wooden or PVC Venetian blinds. This is because the metal slats will bend when pressure is applied to them, meaning your cat will find it incredibly difficult to climb its way up or attempt to sit or wriggle through the slats.

Again, it would be worth opting for the child-safe blinds, the shorter cord will make it less likely that your cat will play with or break it. This will also give you peace of mind when it comes to your cat’s safety, especially when you aren’t at home to keep a watchful eye over them.


Perfect Fit blinds

Depending on the style you go for, Perfect Fit blinds can be installed safely and securely to your windows, ensuring the fabric isn’t hanging around the edges of your window for your feline friend to play with. Our experts will be able to best advise you on which type of blind would be best suited towards a cat owner.


How to cat-proof your blinds

There are many ways in which you can adapt your existing blinds to ensure the safety of your pet whilst also keeping them in good condition. Here’s what you can do to cat-proof your blinds:


Keep cords out of reach

This one is easier said than done given the length of the cord, the style of blind and how far your cat will go to reach impressive heights. To stop them dangling (in much the same way a cat toy would), try hanging a small hook on the wall and wrap the cord around it. Out of sight, out of mind.


Add different textures to your windowsill

To stop your cat from jumping up and sitting on the window sill, lay a small strip of carpet, upside down, on the windowsill. Your cat will find the texture unpleasant to walk or sit on, deterring them from their once favourite spot. If you don’t have carpet strips to hand, try using double-sided sticky tape to discourage your cat from climbing on the windowsill.


Use citrus sprays

Cats really dislike citrus scents. To deter cats away from your window blinds, apply some citrus spray on or around your window blind (depending on the fabric your blinds are made from). Your cat will be able to smell this before attempting to climb up to your windowsill.


Dedicate a window to your cat

Although this tip isn’t about cat-proofing your blinds, it can deter them from using your other window sills to sit on. Cats enjoy looking out onto the outside world from the comfort of their own home, especially if they’re house cats. Instead of taking away all of their observation points, leave a designated window free so your cat can continue to judge people as they walk past your home. Avoid dressing the window and leave the window sill clear.


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