Blinds to Keep the Winter Sun Out

The sun will rise and set at different times throughout the year, rising earlier on a summer’s morning and later in the evening. The winter will see the opposite, with the sun rising later in the morning but setting earlier in the evening, making for shorter days when the weather begins to turn.

Often, this can wreak havoc within our homes, including:

  • Sunlight obstructing your vision – this can be hugely distracting, or dangerous if cooking or chopping vegetables
  • Glare on televisions – making the viewing experience less enjoyable
  • Sunlight can heat up a room considerably, which can make it uncomfortably warm
  • It can make a room too bright – this can be a problem if you have young children who take regular naps throughout the day

To help mitigate the problems caused by the low winter sun streaming into our homes, we have produced a simple guide to ensure you pick the perfect blinds for keeping the winter sun at bay.

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Understanding sun exposures

Natural light flooding a home is incredibly beneficial, as it can enhance the look of your home, as well as improve mood and productivity levels, which is ideal for those who work at home or have chores to do. So, Sunstopper Blinds are on hand to ensure you make the most of the light which enters your home, without it becoming something of a nuisance.

Eastern exposure – if you’re looking to enjoy more natural light in the mornings, then east-facing rooms will receive the most light at this point in the day. However, if your bedroom faces east, then you may need to have some blinds installed in order to keep the sunlight out until you’re ready to let it in.

Western exposure – Whether you have a west-facing study, kitchen, lounge or bedroom, you’ll most likely receive the most sunlight in during the winter afternoons. Take the opportunity to enjoy a spacious, airy room, illuminated by golden beams of sunlight with a west-facing room. Should the sun become too bright or distracting, then consider installing blinds which allow you to have complete control over the amount of light which enters the room. They’d also be perfect for west-facing children’s bedrooms, particularly if they sleep periodically throughout the day.

Southern exposure – southern exposure can produce quite a harsh glare. For your south-facing rooms, look to decorate it with more muted tones, steering clear of bright colours and brilliant whites so as to reduce harshness when the sun begins to shine. However, if you’re looking for an easier, cheaper alternative to redecorating an entire room (or two), then simply install a set of blinds. This will allow you to block the light out completely should it become too overwhelming.

Northern exposure – north-facing rooms tend to provide a decent amount of light throughout the day, meaning it won’t receive too much sunlight, or too little. Blinds would be ideal for those who would like to dull out natural light at a specific time, such as putting small children to bed in the middle of the day, or for reducing glare on a television screen.

Blinds for keeping the winter sun out

Blinds can be hugely advantageous during the winter months. Not only will they enable you to control the amount of light which enters a room, they can also aid in keeping your house warm, thus reducing the money spent on your energy bills. Blinds which can help you achieve this include:

Roller blinds – these blinds offer exceptional light and privacy control, making them perfect for installation in north, south and east-facing rooms. By lowering your roller blinds, you’ll be able to completely shut out the sun, as well as provide absolute privacy when you need it most. Roller blinds will also help to retain warmth within the home and keep draughts out. Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and materials, we’ll be able to provide you with the perfect set of durable, child-safe roller blinds to suit your needs and specifications.

Blackout blinds – blackout blinds would be perfect for east and south-facing rooms in particular, ensuring the light is completely shut out when you need it most. They’d be ideal for installation in a bedroom or a study, keeping sunlight out of your eyes when trying to sleep, or off of a computer screen when trying to work. Their thick fabric will also help to reduce unwelcome draughts, therefore keeping the room warm.

The blackout blinds we supply are available in a range of colours, patterns, materials and styles, including:

Roman blinds – these are perfect for south and north-facing rooms especially, as they’re incredibly effective at blocking out sunlight and providing maximum privacy. As well as this, the thick fabric they are manufactured from ensures that cold draughts are kept out and the heat is retained within the home, which can also help to lower the cost of your energy bills. We have a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns for you to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice with Sunstopper blinds.

Wooden blinds – wooden blinds have fantastic thermal properties. Being thick, strong and durable, they’re highly functional and available in a range of styles and colours to complement your home. Not only are they perfect for blocking out sunlight, they’re also ideal for providing a decent amount of privacy whenever you need it, giving you full control.

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