Can I Motorise My Blinds?

Motorised blinds are both stylish and convenient. They provide highly effective light filtration and sound absorption, as well as a great level of energy efficiency. They can be fitted to a wide range of windows and doors, and are available in an extensive variety of styles, colours and finishes. Whether you’re looking to make life easier for an elderly relative, or would prefer a few extra minutes in bed on a relaxing Sunday morning, motorised blinds are exceptionally advantageous.  

Perfect Fit Blinds

Blinds that are most suitable for motorisation

Motorised blinds are available in a variety of different styles, meaning that we will have an option for you, regardless of where you’d like them to be located throughout your home. So here are a few popular motorised blind style choices:

Roller Blinds – with a sleek and simple design, these blinds are exceptionally well suited to motorisation. They can be operated with incredible precision with the push of a button, thus mitigating the need for a cord. With fantastic light and privacy control, motorised roller blinds are ideal for both home and office use, allowing you to have both a productive day at work and subsequently, a good night’s sleep.

Roman Blinds – these traditional blinds are often used to dress lounge and bedroom windows. They’re able to keep the cold out and the warmth in, making for a cosy atmosphere. You’ll have the ability to lower and raise your blinds from the comfort of your bed or sofa, completely eliminating the need for cords and strings. Filter the light and control your privacy with the touch of a button, so you can make the most of your folded Roman blinds.

Vertical Blinds – offering highly effective coverage to French or patio doors, their length and lightweight fabric makes them perfect for doors where accessibility is crucial. With the push of a button, you can open and close these vertical blinds with absolute ease, without the danger of getting caught up in cords and strings. They provide full protection against the sun as well as offering complete privacy when required. Regardless of where you are in the room, these motorised vertical blinds are quick and simple to control.

Venetian Blinds – with fully adjustable slats that are available in various sizes, Venetian blinds provide optimum light and privacy control, something which is made even easier with the installation of a motorised alternative. Sit back and relax in your home and watch as your new motorised Venetian blinds flawlessly do the work for you. Whether you install them in your home or office, we will have an option to perfectly suit your needs.   


Advantages of motorised blinds

There are many benefits to motorised blinds, whether you’re using them for domestic or commercial purposes. Here are just a few advantages to the installation of these highly convenient, modern motorised blinds:


Energy Efficient – if you’re concerned about either your home or office’s energy efficiency, then motorised blinds will be incredibly beneficial. With blinds that do the work for you, you could make a substantial saving on your energy bills. You’ll be able to direct sunlight into your home during the winter, and out during the summer, giving your air conditioning and heating system a break.

Convenience – this seems to be a highly popular incentive to have motorised blinds installed. You’ll be able to operate your blinds from the comfort of your bed or sofa, or simply from your office desk. There aren’t any cords to negotiate with either, making it even easier to raise and lower your blinds when required.

Stylish – not only do they have highly beneficial practical benefits, they also make for an incredibly stylish and contemporary window dressing solution. Whether you’re throwing a sophisticated dinner party or having a movie night, motorised blinds are both functional and impressive. They would also leave an impression on clients and other guests visiting an office building, so add a set of sleek and modern motorised blinds to your home or workspace and be at the forefront of office and home decoration.

Child Safety – motorised blinds don’t require cords or strings to raise or lower them, making them both pet and child friendly. By removing strangling and choking hazards completely, motorised blinds will help to put your mind at complete ease. This makes for a safe yet convenient window dressing solution for the whole family.

Ideal for Hard to Reach Places – motorised blinds can be fitted to windows or doors that are difficult to get to, making it much easier to operate the blinds without leaning over furniture or electrical equipment. This also ensures that you aren’t straining yourself in order to get the perfect level of light.


This advantage is also perfect for the elderly or those who are disabled. With the touch of a button, blinds can be lowered or raised depending on your preference, without the need to manually pull cords or strings.  


The best locations to install motorised blinds

There are numerous places where motorised blinds would be most beneficial to you, including:

  • Kitchen windows
  • Bedroom windows
  • Living room windows
  • Ground level flats
  • Velux windows
  • Offices
  • GP practices
  • Schools

Not only would motorised blinds be well placed in the aforementioned locations, but there are many more homes and commercial buildings that would highly benefit from the installation of motorised window and door blinds. 

Here at Sunstopper Blinds, we have a wide range of motorised blinds available for use throughout your home or business. With a variety of different colours, styles and finishes on offer, we’ll be able to find a set of blinds that are right for you. You can also take advantage of our free local home visits and measuring services. With over 30 years of experience, you can count on us for all your window dressing needs. For more information about the motorised blinds we sell, get in touch with us today – we operate throughout Welwyn Garden City, Ware, Hertford and the wider Hertfordshire area.