Best Window Blinds for Cat Owners

Owning a cat can be an absolute pleasure. They can fend for themselves, come and go as they please, use a neat and tidy litter tray and only really hassle you for food. After that, they go off on their merry way once again. That being said, cats can prove to be quite mischievous, especially […]

What are the Best Blinds for Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is heart of every home, so ensuring that you have the right atmosphere in there is extremely important. In recent years, it seems as though dining-specific rooms are becoming less and less popular – perhaps because we’ve realised just how versatile our kitchen space really is! However, to ensure that we have the […]

How to Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter with Blinds

Your conservatory can be one of the most pleasant, comfortable and relaxing rooms in the home, but as the extreme cold of winter approaches, it sees less and less use. It’s a real shame to see any conservatory go to waste, even if it’s only during the winter, so in this article we’re looking at […]

What Are the Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds?

  Perfect fit blinds are a fantastic innovation, offering a streamlined window covering that doesn’t require any screws or nails to be installed, making for a quick, easy and mess-free blind ideal for use in almost any window. Here at Sunstopper blinds, we think perfect fit blinds are a fantastic window treatment, and here we […]