Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Office

It’s important that your office windows are dressed with the most appropriate blinds and in order for this to happen, there are a few things that you must consider before having a set of blinds fitted. Here at Sunstopper Blinds, we’ve presented you with a short guide on how to choose the right blinds for your office, so you can get the most out of them all year round.

Blinds for your Office - Sunstopper Blinds

Functionality is key

It’s important that your office blinds are doing the job you need and require them to do. From light and privacy control to their operation and maintenance, the blinds you choose must be able to serve their function, as well as being suitable for all who work there. There are a few things to consider which come under the ‘functionality’ umbrella, and here are just a few:

Privacy – this may well be a key factor in the decision to purchase a set of office blinds. It allows meetings to commence and work to be done in a secure, comfortable environment. It can be unnerving to carry out work or conduct a meeting with extra on you, so mitigate the issue completely and keep the workplace contained with a set of office blinds. What’s more, you’ll have full control over the amount of privacy you have, making it all the more convenient for you and your employees.

Glare and light control – it’s important that all blinds offer this function, some provide a greater degree of light control than others, but regardless of your needs and requirements, we’ll be able to find the most suitable set of blinds for you. Sunlight can also be a major hindrance when it comes to computer use. Minimise on-screen glare with a set of office blinds, and allow employees to work with ease.

Simple operation – smooth operation is key to a set of office blinds, as they’ll most likely be used by everyone who works there. It’s important that your office blinds can be effortlessly raised and lowered every single time. You needn’t worry about overuse either, as we will always use high-quality mechanisms for your peace of mind.

Quick and easy maintenance – office blinds should be quick and easy to maintain for absolute convenience. This ensures that workers are operating clean, germ-free blinds that can be raised and lowered without a hitch. Dusting them down every now and again should suffice in terms of cleaning. This will also limit the amount of dust that could build up in the mechanisms.


Consider which areas require blind installation

If there are rooms in your office that look out onto a busy public road, or a pavement which is frequently used throughout the day, you may want to consider installing some blinds to help with privacy control. If there’s a room in your office which only has internal windows, think about whether a blind would be necessary. To allow for projectors to be used, business owners will often opt for roller or blackout blinds to be fitted to internal windows, ensuring light is kept out while presentations are underway.


They should be office-appropriate

Office blinds should be sleek and sophisticated, perfectly complementing your company’s image. This can be highly beneficial to a business, especially if they receive multiple visitors on a regular basis. Office blinds should also be highly practical, serving an important purpose to ensure work is carried out effectively and comfortably by your employees. Here are a selection of blinds which we believe will work well in any office environment:


Office-friendly blinds include:

Roller blinds – these can be highly advantageous in an office setting. Roller blinds can be raised completely to allow natural light to flood in, but they can also be lowered to block it out. Roller blinds are an ideal option for employees who work by a window.

Blackout blinds – available in an array of different colours, patterns and materials, blackout blinds are ideal for internal windows or boardrooms where a projector is often used. If there’s an external window in a room where presentations are usually given, then blackout blinds are highly effective. They’ll instantly shut out any and all light, plunging the room into complete darkness when needed. Blackout blinds can also provide total privacy, something you may benefit from when looking at or presenting sensitive information to colleagues.

Electric blinds – fully operational with the touch of a button, electric blinds are ideal for use throughout the office. From communal areas to meeting rooms, they’re incredibly convenient for the user, impressively practical and highly functional. Available in a wide range of different colours, patterns and styles, electric blinds will add a modern edge to any office space.

Vertical blinds – a contemporary alternative to traditional office blinds, vertical blinds will add a sleek, professional edge to any office. They’re remarkably easy to operate and maintain, as well as providing full privacy when needed. Sunlight can also be controlled with vertical blinds, thus reducing glare and increasing productivity in the process. Vertical blinds are made up of slats, so sunlight can be easily directed or shut out completely depending on preferences. These would be an ideal option for dressing large or floor-to-ceiling windows. 


Sunstopper Blinds are proud to supply Welwyn Garden City, Ware, Hertford and the surrounding areas with a wide selection of high-quality commercial blinds. You’ll be able to count on our team of fully-trained, highly-experienced experts to provide you with professional, sophisticated blinds that will perfectly suit your needs and requirements. If you’d like more information about the commercial blinds we sell, get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to help.