What Are the Different Types of Window Film?

If you want a cost-effective way of treating your windows, whether at home or your business premises, then consider window film. Window film brings with it a long list of benefits, which is clearly reflected in the many types of window film on offer. From increased security and privacy to reduced solar damage and the purely decorative, you’ll surely find the style for you.

In this article, we’ll detail the detail the many types of window film and their particular benefits, so you can decide upon the one that suits you.

Glare reduction

This variety of window film aims to specifically combat glare reduction, and is available in a variety of glare reduction levels. So, whether your window is just a little too bright or your experiencing intense glare, there’s a window film to suit your needs.


Insulating films offer a solution for poor energy efficiency, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Ultimately, this type of window film allows you to save on air conditioning and heating costs all year round, without having to invest in extra insulation for your walls.

Privacy film

Privacy film is ideal for office environments, simply because they offer a way to reduce the distractions posed by a busy high street. Where frost film offers a translucent finish, distorting the view but still allowing light in, block out film delivers the ultimate level of privacy, at the expense of natural light.

UV protection

Standard glass windows aren’t capable of stopping UV radiation to a satisfactory level; they still tend to let 75% of the rays through. UV protection film, on the other hand, is able to block around 98% of rays, reducing the chance of UV exposure-related health problems.

Security film

Security film focuses on offering differing levels of thickness to suit your security needs. Starting at around 4 mil, this variety of films helps protect against broken glass shards in the event of an accident, and are extremely important for ground-level offices.

Decorative film

Decorative film, as you might expect, adds a touch of style to your glass, and can be as loud or as subtle as you like. For example, some businesses may choose to display their company logo in some of their windows, or perhaps their corporate colours.

Ceramic Film

Ceramic film is the most up-to-date technology, and is favoured for its superior heat blocking and insulating properties. On top of this, ceramics are known for their durability, a quality which translates onto ceramic film too. So, if pure performance is what you’re looking for, then ceramic film is the film for you!

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