Electric Roller Blind Tips

Modern, elegant and simple, electric roller blinds are a great addition to any room in your home, from large kitchens and living rooms to small offices and bedrooms. Moreover, with the ability to control what light enters your home at the touch of a button, motorisation is a feature that you simply shouldn’t miss out on. With the fabric rolling around a motorised tube, electric roller blinds are incredibly smooth and hang beautifully.

So, for some information on the benefits of electric roller blinds and some useful tips regarding power to keep in mind before purchasing, keep reading what we have covered.

Electric Roller Blind

The benefits

  • Hands-free: No matter what style of window you have or the weight of the blind itself, electric roller blinds can be operated remotely, so you’ll never have to go through the hassle of opening them.
  • Sleek: Unlike manually operated blinds, electric roller blinds don’t have any unsightly hanging chains, cords or rods, so your window will look clutter-free.
  • Child safety: Not only does this lack of cords and clutter enhance the aesthetic of your window, it’s also a non-negotiable safety feature in homes with small children.
  • Long life: Since motorised blinds run more smoothly than manually operated blinds, they tend to have a longer life.
  • Security: Remote automation of your blinds means that, when you leave your property for an extended period of time, you can control them with a timer, giving the impression that someone is home.


The tips: the right power source for your blinds

Hardwired: These blinds are fitted to your mains electricity supply, meaning you won’t have to worry about changing batteries or power running out. Also, hardwired blinds tend to be the best power application for blinds that cover large areas, due to the amount of power required.

If your home has already been set up for hardwired blinds, then that’s perfect. However, if not, the installation process may be a little tricky.

Battery: Electric roller blinds operated by batteries are a quick and fuss-free option, since there are no cables or wiring that you need to worry about. Battery-powered blinds are especially useful if you know there isn’t a power source close by, but you will need to make sure you stock up on batteries!

Plug in: If you do have a power source close by, utilising this may be the way to go. Your blinds can be connected to the plug socket and, to avoid the unsightly bunching of wires, cables can be hidden with colour-coordinated trunking.


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