How to Fix Stuck Blinds

Stuck Blind Window - Sunstopper Blinds

Blinds are a smart option for any home; they are simple and cheap to maintain whilst offering a wealth of options for customisation, thanks to the wide variety of textures and colours available. As well as these benefits, blinds have a mechanism in place which allows them to fully control the amount of light which enters a room. That is, you can retract the blinds completely, or you can simply leave them extended and twist the slats for more precise light control.

However, sometimes things can go wrong – particularly if your blinds are outdated, badly made, or have had significantly heavy usage. If you’ve been experiencing problems with your blinds, here are a few of those problems listed and some common fixes.

Slats won’t tilt

If your slats have suddenly decided not to tilt anymore, there’s a couple of things that you can check:

  • Find the metal rod in the main rail of your blinds and then find where the tilt mechanism is housed. Once you’ve done this, you can tilt the rod back into the mechanism and the blinds should tilt properly again.
  • Make sure to check for any tangles in the strings connecting to the slats, as twists and knots will make it worse.

Blinds won’t budge

  • Level out the lift cords on either sides as much as possible, and pull the cord lock to release.
  • If this doesn’t work, look for the small pin inside the cord lock. If it’s damaged or worn it could need replacing. Otherwise, simply push the pin back in with a small screwdriver.

Cord is worn out

  • At the bottom of your blinds, remove the end plugs and undo the knots in the existing cords.
  • Tie the new cord with a single knot to the old cord, or melt them together with a lighter. Next, pull the new cord through the path of the existing strings – a bit like threading a needle.
  • Once the cord’s restrung, replace the knots and plugs.


Replacing broken slats

  • Like the last instruction, remove the plugs at the bottom of your blinds and undo the knot, pulling the cord out through as many slats as you need in order to remove the broken slat.
  • Replace the slat in question and then thread the cord back through the slats which you had to remove – you can always use the slats above as a guide if you are at all unsure.
  • When you’ve finished re-threading, make sure to tie a tight knot and replace the plug so your new slats stay securely in place.


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