Home Automation and Motorised Blinds

Automated blinds are a relatively new concept, and can be an excellent addition to any home. The notion of drawing your blinds at the touch of a button should be appealing to just about every homeowner, but smart blinds can transform your home in many different ways. For example, smart blinds can be linked to a smart lighting system, turning them off when your blinds are drawn upwards to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Also, you can set your motorised blinds to draw up and down at specific times whilst you’re away, communicating to any would-be thieves that you are still at home.

So, there are numerous benefits to automated blinds, perhaps more than you had originally thought. In light of this, this month we will take a look at smart blinds in greater detail, specifically the impressive offerings of Luxaflex, which we stock here at Sunstopper Blinds.


Luxaflex’s PowerView motorised blinds are arguably the most comprehensive motorised blinds on the market; they can achieve just about everything you could hope for. From controlling your blinds at the tap of your mobile device or your PowerView Pebble remote, or controlling and activating preprogrammed scenes from your PowerView Hub, these blinds provide you with complete control of your window treatments.

You also have access to the PowerView Repeater too, a small signal-enhancing device which can be plugged into any socket, meaning that your PowerView system can work throughout your home, regardless of its size.

Luxaflex with Qmotion

Luxaflex blinds with Qmotion technology were designed with a view to help homeowners save on the total cost of motorisation. It offers an ultra quiet battery – the only one on the market, in fact – which resides in the roller tube itself. As a result, these Qmotion blinds offer the following benefits:

  • A clean, stripped-back appearance without any unnecessary wires or cords.
  • Easy, low-cost installation and maintenance. (No need for hiring an electrician too!)
  • Super quiet operation; your blinds will draw up and down without any whirring.
  • A very long battery life of up to five years – even on standard alkaline batteries.


Somfy RTS motors are an excellent addition to your electric blinds system, as they offer a favourite position feature. Ultimately, this allows you to easily stop your blinds in the same position, time after time. What’s more, the Somfy motor has a range of over 200 metres in open space, meaning that you can operate your Somfy motor from anywhere in your home.

Sunstoppers stock an extensive range of Luxaflex blinds, handmade and bespoke to your requirements, and have been a leading blind supplier to the Home Counties for over 22 years. We take pride in our outstanding customer service and high-quality products, aiming to provide a first-rate service from start to finish. Contact us today for more information on any of our products, or to receive your free, no-obligation quote.