How to Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter with Blinds

Your conservatory can be one of the most pleasant, comfortable and relaxing rooms in the home, but as the extreme cold of winter approaches, it sees less and less use.

It’s a real shame to see any conservatory go to waste, even if it’s only during the winter, so in this article we’re looking at how installing the right blinds in your conservatory can help keep it cosy and warm – even during the harshest winter weather.

How can blinds keep my conservatory warm?

Blinds aren’t only for decoration; although they do bring out the best in any room, they can also be an effective method of insulation. Most of the heat loss in your conservatory is through the conservatory roof, so choosing blinds to actively prevent this will provide a noticeable difference with surprisingly little effort.

Certain styles of blinds are better suited to this task than others. For instance, slatted Venetian blinds will naturally allow more heat to pass through than solid roller, Roman or pleated blinds. For your conservatory, maximising the amount of heat retention is vital to keeping it warm throughout the winter.

Best blinds for a warm conservatory

As we’ve said above, the choice of conservatory blinds will dictate the amount of heat that is retained when it’s cold. Here we’ll run through some of the different styles of blinds, noting how suitable or unsuitable they might be when it comes to keeping your conservatory warm this winter.

Venetian blinds:

While they might offer a sleek and stylish look to your conservatory, Venetian blinds aren’t particularly well suited to insulation. The slatted design of Venetian blinds will encourage heat to pass through and escape out of the room. This makes them inefficient as a means of heat retention, so it’s best to save them for elsewhere in the home and choose a more suitable blind style for your conservatory.

Roller and Roman blinds

These styles of blinds are similar in style, and offer similar results when it comes to insulation. Roller and Roman blinds suit a conservatory very well from an aesthetic point of view, and, with the huge range of fabrics available, it’s easy to find a design that is specifically suited to the needs of your conservatory. Thicker fabrics will always be best for insulation, as they form a much stronger thermal barrier.

Vertical blinds

Like Venetian blinds, vertical blinds aren’t the best choice for conservatory insulation. While they carry a distinctive style that you can’t attain with other blinds, the design of vertical blinds doesn’t lend itself to heat retention. Air will find it easier to escape through vertical blinds than through Roman or roller blinds. You can choose thicker fabrics for vertical blinds to improve insulation somewhat, but this still won’t be as effective a solution as choosing a different kind of blind altogether.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are perhaps the best choice for insulation. The unique design of pleated blinds has insulation in mind from the start; the larger surface area traps more heat than any other type of blind, keeping the room warmer without any extra effort.

Pleated blinds are especially suited to the conservatory roof, more-so than other style of blinds, so you can enjoy an incredibly effective form of insulation which targets the area that needs it the most.

You can either use pleated blinds on the side windows too, or use roller or Roman blinds instead. This combination will make a dramatic difference to the comfort of your conservatory – just keep them closed at night, pop on the heater and you’re good to go!

Open and closed

You can further influence the temperature of your conservatory by being smart with how you use your windows and blinds. Naturally, keeping your windows closed will restrict the amount of cold air inside, but you don’t also have to keep the blinds closed all the time to match.

Open your blinds in the daytime, if it’s sunny, to let the light in and enjoy the warmth. But when it gets dark, and the amount of natural heat is less abundant, close your blinds and enjoy the heating properties of whichever blinds you have chosen to adorn your conservatory windows.

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