Metal or Wooden Venetian Blinds?

Metal or Wooden Venetian Blinds?
So, after much deliberation, you’ve decided that you would like some Venetian blinds in your home. A simple, elegant and classic choice, you can’t go wrong with their stylish design.  Now you’re probably thinking that all the tough decisions are over, right? Wrong! Deciding what material you would like your blinds to be is arguably just as important as deciding on the style of the blind itself, so choose carefully.

If you’re reading this article, the chances are you’ve whittled your options down to either metal or wooden blinds, so in this article we will be pitting these materials against each other, looking at their respective benefits and drawbacks.

The look

When it comes to creating a beautiful, warm natural look in your home, you simply can’t beat wooden blinds. Constructed from oak, pine and a variety of other gorgeous woods, these blinds help bring a wonderful pastoral look to your home, and soften up more modern rooms. While wooden blinds are available in a number of painted finishes, we would always recommend letting the natural wood grain show.

Metal blinds, on the other hand, are also available in a wide range of glossy or flat finishes and colours but, unfortunately, lack the wow factor that comes with wooden blinds. While they certainly have a place in many modern homes, they can’t quite match up to wood’s natural aesthetic.

Moisture resistance

Not often considered but certainly important, the level of moisture resistance of a blind material will dictate whether you can install it in your chosen room. Given that wood tends to readily absorb moisture, they can be problematic when installed in places like bathrooms – or even kitchens, if they’re too close to the hob and sink. This is because, once the moisture has been absorbed by the wood, it can cause warping and discolouration, greatly reducing the lifespan of the blind.

Metal blinds, however, don’t share this problem, and can resist any and all moisture, making them the perfect candidate for bathrooms or certain kitchen windows.

The noise

This isn’t something that you would normally consider when purchasing window treatments, but given that you have to live with your blinds for a very long time, the noise they make when you open and close them becomes extremely important.

When opening wooden blinds, you tend to hear a gentle clacking sound as the slats knock together, which can be quite pleasant to hear on a daily basis. Metal blinds, unfortunately, often make a scratching or rustling noise when opened, which, over time, can become extremely grating.

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