What are the benefits of roller blinds?

Window coverings significantly impact both the style and feel of a room, as well as being essential for a good night’s sleep. Since roller blinds have many good qualities including attractive design, flexibility and durability, they are generally recognised as one of the best choices for any window. Some benefits of roller blinds include: Attractive […]

How Blinds can Transform Your Home This Christmas

There are many interior design techniques and Christmas paraphernalia which you can utilise in order to make your home feel that little bit more Christmassy this year, the humble Christmas tree and fairy lights arguably being the nation’s favourites. However, using the right colours and styles, blinds can really help transform your home this Christmas […]

5 Reasons to Choose Luxaflex Blinds

In 1951, Joe Hunter and Henry Sonnenberg introduced Luxaflex blinds to the European market to great success. Made from lightweight aluminium and formed into a functional, Venetian style blind, Luxaflex blinds were hugely popular. From then on, the Luxaflex brand launched new innovative designs such as the Duette and Silhouette Shades, and are still ahead […]

How to Dress Your Windows This Autumn

With autumn in full swing, there are plenty of things as homeowners that we could be getting on with, one of which is a little interior design update. Alongside the falling temperatures, red, orange and brown are beginning to dominate the streets, meaning there are slight practical and aesthetic changes that we could make to […]

How to Match Curtains and Blinds

A simple yet still rather frustrating conundrum that we face when decorating our home is how to match curtains and blinds. Do we want them to look the same? Do we want them to look completely different? Is there some Goldilocks median that we should shoot for? In reality, it comes down to individual taste […]

Why You Should Use Canopies This Summer

A canopy, in essence, is rather similar to an awning. Like awnings, they feature a sheet of fabric or stronger material which covers a particular area to provide shelter from the elements but, unlike an awning, a canopy tends to be a structure in its own right. In this sense, a canopy is rather like […]

Why use fly screens this summer

Summer is a welcome change after a cold winter and a rainy spring, but with summer comes an influx of insect life. Then comes the dilemma of cooling the home while keeping it insect free. The best way is to open doors and windows to let the home breathe and be aired out properly, but […]

Why Choose a BBSA Member when buying blinds

The BBSA is the official voice and governing body of the blind and shutter manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom. Standing for ‘British Blind and Shutter Association’, the BBSA is a member organisation made of companies ranging in size from large corporations to small family firms. As such, each member must pass a set standard […]

Why child safety blinds are vital

The Make it Safe Campaign is a drive by blinds manufacturers and installers to improve the safety of window dressing products in every way possible. There have been fantastic leaps forward in sunblind and window dressing safety standards in recent years, and all of our made-to-measure and readymade blinds here at Sunstopper Blinds adhere to […]